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Rafer 'Skip to my Lou' Alston's "dynasty" (as some may call it) began back in 1998. Skip was ballin up his local high school in New York (he hails from Jamaica Queens) at the same time his then high school coach was filming. His coach then sent off the tape of skip crossin guyz n just plainly makin dudes look silly to And1... The basketball Shoe and apparel company knew they had something but just didn't know what.
Later on they contacted Foot Action on making a promotional deal with them so that ery kid that would buy something from Foot Action would receive a skip to my lou mixtape.After 3 weeks and about 200,000 copies of the tape , and1 realised what they had.... the And1 Mixtape was born and so was the Streetball legacy of Skip to my Lou......
Skip has also played for some NBA teams , most recently running the point for the up and coming Miami Heat.....



Right here is Skip chekin out one of the 2004 Mixtape games .....

Skip To My Lou


This is just a ill pic of Skip bout to pull some shit off....and tlkin a lil smack to...

No matter who you are or were you've been on the court you a regular cat...Bring ya game or shut up...!