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The Sizzle


This dude is just ill... He made his beginin on and1 on the MixTape Vol. 3..... he had been discovered in his hometown of Atlanta due to the ridiculus tales of what he had done to guyz who thaught they could guard him....
He is quickly becoming Streetballs face and most up and coming young talent because even thaugh he started his streetball career as a youngster at Run'N'Shoot he is now becoming more and more known .......almost household for the ball heads.....

Bone Collector


Bone Collector (in the middle) seen at the Rucker Park Entertainers basketball classic with kobe bryant and the coach.
He got his start in New York at the EBC and has quickly become a well known name at the local ER (how them ankles feelin????)  he has been compared to NBA superstar Allen Iverson and a little rumour goin round is that bone challenged A.I to a game and A.I punked out..... (no hatin Big ups to A.I and Bone)

No matter who you are or were you've been on the court you a regular cat...Bring ya game or shut up...!