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Hook Mitchell

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Hook Mitchell
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This is dedicated to one of the illest dunkers....... 'Hook' Mitchell



Arguably Oakland's biggest streetball legend Hook Mitchell was just one of the illest dunkers round and to this day still people are amazed by the stories of what he has done.
There are stories (real events) that hook mitchell has done things like jumpin ovr a car and dunkin it .....  A FUKIN CAR, to pikin quarters off the top of backboards to win bets......
Scratch wht i said about that Arguably shit at the begining.....Hook is Oakland's biggest streetball legend..




December 27th, 1999 Hook walked into a blockbuster frontin like he had a gun jaked the place ..... 10 years, no parole, orange jupsuit!!!!
Real shame such an ill dunker wasnt really able to show his full capabilities .. shit he did a car ovr ten years maybe he wud have moved on to buses...?
Although he was nevr a Saint  hook always stayed true n dunked like no one before or after him so until thers a dude who can jump ovr cars ... this cat Hook mitchell is The Undisbuted Dunking Champion! nuff said


Shit i'm not the only one praisin this cat , they even came out with a movie bout him called 'Hooked' the hook mitchell legend .....
So i guess this high timer, ride or die atitude, kid from oakland has left us all Hooked....

No matter who you are or were you've been on the court you a regular cat...Bring ya game or shut up...!