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New Look Suns

Woudn't that be a sight the Pheonix Suns in the NBA Finals... well the way there stocking up on talent that dream could soon become reality.
After replacing Stephon Marbury with Canadian star Steve Nash , just recently picking up Quentine Richardson from the Clippers and already having talent with Stoudemire and The Matrix all they need to do now is pick up some more depth and Pheonix is a contendor look out for them.....

Rafer 'Skip to My Lou' Alston heading back to the T.

After a short stay in Miami as a 6th man Alston was shipped back to Toronto were he had been signed to a 10 day contract 2 years ago leading top him being signed for the rest of the year, but he hopes his second time around will be more permanent.
With the news that Carter may or may not be leaving T.O in the near future (due to his dislike of the managing of the team) Toronto is another team that will sort of be on the rebuilding side, but with a 1st class Pg in Jalen Rose, Alston will probably be forced to come off the bench unless he is moved to 2 guard (which is curently occupied by Williams , Carter)...
All i know is that it's great to have Skip playing closer to home.....again

Rumours and Trades

It seems managers are all looking for a way to gain a superstar and this sumer things are looking very promising...With Iverson, Carter , Nowitzki among others on the trading block there are no shortages of talent available. With rumours of Dallas offering up Dirk for Shaq (only to loose Shaq to Miami) and Dallas already shipping Nash off to Pheonix , the powerhouses are making cap room.
With McGrady already out for Franchise and Mobley Houston becomes a contender and Orlando gets there started Pg and 2 guard a perfect couple players to build a team on...
Lakers have took a step in the right way by signing kobe to a long term deal worth above 130mil....
Denver becomes a threat now witht the one two punch of Melo and K-Mart (after picking him up from the Nets)....
Finally Paul Pierce will get some much needed help in Bean Town from newly aquired, Future Hall of Fame star Gary Payton.......
Pierce's Former teamate Atoine Walker has once again been moved from Dallas to Atlanta....
All i know is better stock up on them jerseys now cuz at the end of the summer chances are there retired...

No matter who you are or were you've been on the court you a regular cat...Bring ya game or shut up...!